About me

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My name is Linda and I run LETS Go Manor. Originally from a farming family in Devon, I left school to work in a bank for 5 years before trading up for a backpack. The travel bug lasted for 20 years and was supported by hospitality work on land, sea and in the air.

In 2005, I threw caution to the wind, quit the airline and got a rescue dog - Tuckers Luck - an 11 month old Collie X Springer described by the RSPCA as ‘boisterous’. With an excess of energy, we joined Wellow Agility Club which led to local competitions and in 2009, I decided Tuck needed a companion. At 8 months old, Dotties Luck joined us from Many Tears Animal Rescue and before long we were clocking up a different set of milestones. We visited cloud nine, we rode the crest of a wave and we famously hit the deck. We experienced behaviour issues, podium positions, Crufts, Olympia, injuries and disappointment – lots of them all.


In 2019 the tide turned and I took out the lease on Manor Equestrian Centre with the vision of creating a community for all things canine.  Having done a complete circumnavigation in more ways than one; and having survived a pandemic, I am delighted to say LETS Go Manor is once again open!